As part of Analog Folk and Camden Roundhouse’s ‘Digital Innovation Academy’, I designed a digital product that tackled the problem of online bullying for adults.

My role

Junior UX Designer


4 weeks


Competitor Research, User Interviews, Wireframes, Site Maps, Low-fi prototype



Most digital products that attempt to tackle online bullying are catered towards teenagers and young adults. Many functioned as a support network with advice and resources for emotional support. We also discovered that many young adults have public social profiles to network professionally and therefore did not wish to keep their pages private which was often the most prevalent practical advice given to victims of online bullying.



The initial step was to interview people about their thoughts on online bullying and what can be done to stop it. The main issue that users had was that bullies could always create new profiles if they get suspended or blocked on a platform and there was no way of stopping that.


“I just don’t want to see it. They can say what they want on their own page, but I don't want a notification that a stranger has made a racist comment about me and the work I do for the community.”

User, Social Activist


During the design process we went through several iterations one of which was a plugin called ‘ Reflector’. The undesirable comment left on the users social media profiles would be copied and and used to ‘spam’ the bullies' profile.

Users reported that it would look like their own profile got hacked if it started commenting undesirable comments on another persons profile. Additionally, there was nothing to stop the bully from using the same plugin to spam the users profile.

Untitled design (3)_edited.jpg

As a group we came up with the idea an app named ‘BLOCKA’. Users can block out ‘negative key words’ phrases as opposed to particular profiles. The ‘bully’ would not be notified that their comment has not been posted on the users profile, meaning they would feel no need to create a new profile. The final product was then handed over to the UI design team at Analog Folk.


Final design by Analog Folk UI team.



I learnt that the first idea isn’t always necessarily the best one. If we hadn’t of continued to come up with new ideas or iterate we would of developed ‘Reflector’ which seemed to redirect online bullying as opposed to being a real solution.


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