Running a sewing group for African Caribbean women over the last year, it became apparent that many found it difficult to find a tailor they can trust. Working alongside tailors within the community and participants of my sewing group, I designed an app allowing tailors to get matched to clients.

My Role
Lead UX designer

4 weeks

Focus Groups, Wireframe, Low-fi prototype



It became apparent that tailors and clients alike, relied heavily on word of mouth or Instagram, which was a problem as the platform is not tailored to any particular industry. Additionally, it meant that tailors were competing with thousands of pages making it harder for them to be discovered by users.



This led to the idea of STICHED - an app that matches tailors to clients based on style, distance, price etc. All images on from tailors portfolios and have been verified by previous clients . Once we had generated the idea as a group, I created a users journey and low-fidelity prototypes to be tested by my sewing group.

user flow stitched (1).jpg

"I just want to see what a tailor can or cannot do before I hand over my fabric... I want to know what it costs, how long it will take so we have the same expectations."

User, sewing student



I learnt that the first idea isn’t always necessarily the best one. If we hadn’t of continued to come up with new ideas or iterate we would of developed ‘Reflector’ which seemed to redirect online bullying as opposed to being a real solution.


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