Triyoga is a London based yoga company that offers workshops, courses, therapies, Pilates, teacher training and has a retail store. The project was to simplify the navigation of the website whilst highlighting the variety of services the company has to offer.

My Role
Junior UX Designer assisting Senior UX/UI Designer and Developers

8 weeks

Competitor Research, User Interviews, Open Card Sort, Closed Card Sort, Site Maps, Low-fi prototype



The main feedback was that the navigation menu had too many options leaving users confused. The language used didn't effectively communicate which page the users would land on.

This is an image of the previous menu. The workshops section had 42 choices which has now been reduced to three.



Different stakeholders had different ideas of what held importance in the navigation of the website. Sometimes, stakeholder ideas would contradict each other or the user. In this case, fully understanding why the stakeholders wanted to make certain design decisions was important as it meant that we could attempt to cater to their needs without sacrificing the usability of the design. It also meant effectively communicating research findings so stakeholders would understand why or why not certain decisions were made on the design.

open card sorting
mega menu draft.PNG


After analysing the card sorting, I sketched different versions of the menu to iterate and test. I worked with a UI designer to rethink how the information is displayed in the menu. We then handed the final version to developers to put on the Triyoga test site and gathered feedback through a user survey and usability tests. During this process, I also created landing pages that served the purpose of categorising the different offerings within certain departments, solving the problem of too many choices within the original menu.



78% task success rate (previous was 32%). We also improved the costumer satisfaction rate by 48%.


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